5 Must Follow Logo Trends for 2018

Logo may seem to be a small element for being compared with various other magnificent tools of marketing about the services or products of any company. But that’s not the case. The Logo Design is the most important stage for any company. A Logo is your visual weapon that penetrates inside the minds of the public at large. It is a stand out factor for the first impression of your company. It is a memorable start up of the link between the customers and your business. The best logo can be designed by the Best Logo Design Company as it has expertise in the same logo designing field.

As a business entity, you have to keep pace with the ever changing New Logo Design trends prevailing in the market. It is your key towards preference by the customers when you keep your logo as per the latest trends.

Let us now see some of the trends of Logo Design that will be trending in 2018:

  1. Vibrant colors:

Recent trend is flowing inside the vibrant colors scheme. Vibrant colors are ruling the designing People are only attracted when there is a high range of vibrancy in your business. Using vibrant colors in your Logo Design, it will be the wisest decision of yours, for your business. It is very easy to attract customers by the use of vibrant and too colorful palette scheme in your logo.

  1. Uppercase letters:

This has even evolved as one of the most loved typography pattern in Logo Design. Keeping it simple along a simple but smart typography font, it will empower your logo with authority. It will come out as a bold, strong, authoritative and easily understandable company name in the logo. This is more of being simple yet bold and beautiful.

  1. Abstract design:

This includes two main factors- blue and purple colors and universe like effect. Looking at it, it appears to be a perfect mixture of purple color and galaxy type effects with everything seeming to blend perfectly. This gives us a feeling of something that is suitable to companies that are dealing in the industries like-fashion, interior designing, beauty etc.

  1. GIFs and animated Logo Design:

People find it very interesting to see something that is a moving element in a logo. Animated images catch the attention of humans within no time. People keep looking at your animated images or GIFs. Putting a small animated element in your logo will make it the centre of attraction and people will remember your logo for a long time.

  1. Stacking the letters:

This pattern includes placing the letters above, below or even side by side in the logo name. This perfectly suits the logos of the companies who have longer names. This piling up of letters gives a condensed form of look to your logo. This has also caught the attention of the Logo Designers nowadays in the market.

All the above mentioned trends are going to blow away the companies who don’t keep their logos updated with these trends. A reputed Branding Agency can design the up-to the mark logos keeping in mind two important things:

  1. a) your business requirements for a logo
  2. b) The latest trends in the market as mentioned above.

Just get in touch with one such top ranking company, ProDesigns, that is known for its out of the box logo designs that is really appreciated by the clients.


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